Preparing a Poster

How do I prepare an effective poster presentation?

Key Points

  • Posters are a method for presenting research findings in a written and visual way, as a hybrid between a paper and an oral presentation.
  • Posters rely on visual appeal and should contain minimal but large-printed text, and useful summative visuals. 
  • Every poster should be tailored to the event that you are presenting for.

Helpful Links, Videos and Online Courses


  •  How to Prepare & Present a Scientific Poster
    • This resource discusses the format and specifications for designing scientific posters, including suggestions for the format, design, and graphics to include.
  • Scientific Poster Building 
    • A run-down from the University of Pittsburgh on scientific poster content, with a focus on how to select and display representative data. 
  • Guidelines for Poster Presenters A guide from Whitman University for undergraduate poster presentations. It considers key factors for poster design and presentation, like the software, layout, and writing style.
  • Poster and Presentation ResourcesThis website provides hyperlinks to many resources related to poster design, presentation, and general tips.


  • Designing an Effective Scientific Poster
    • A 30-minute webinar from Research Medical Library that describes clear guidelines and instructions for poster design, as well as considerations from the conference host.
  • How to Make an Academic Poster in PowerPoint
    • This is a quick “how-to” video for creating and formatting an academic poster using PowerPoint software.
    • The video covers content and layout, fonts, alignment, and how to export as a PDF.

Templates and Examples