Putting Together Your Team

How do I select members to be part of the research team?

Key Points

  • Getting the right team together to do the right tasks is essential for a successful research project.
  • It is crucial that the research team is working together in a committed way towards a common research goal.
  • Factors like clear goals, research emphasis, participative governance, decentralized organization, communication, resources, recruitment, selection, and leadership determine the success of a research team.

Helpful Links, Videos and Online Courses


  • Clinical Trial Research Team Members
    • The National Cancer Institute has a useful summary of the different roles team members can fill on a medical research team, from principal investigator to clinical nurse.
  • How to Form A Clinical Research Team
    • This resource describes how to form a clinical research team, with an overview of different positions like co-investigators, research coordinator, and more. It also describes how to recruit patients for a research study.


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