Overview of Quantitative Research

What is quantitative research and what are the different types?

Key Points

  • Quantitative research designs use numerical data that can be analyzed statistically or mathematically.
  • Types of quantitative research include non-experimental or experimental designs.
  • It is important to understand the strengths and limitations of quantitative studies to ensure that the appropriate design is chosen for a research project.

Helpful Links, Videos and Online Courses



  • Basic Quantitative Research Overview
    • A 16-minute video that provides a basic overview of quantitative research along with the application of hypothesis, concepts of observation, confirmation, sampling, and power of analysis in quantitative research.
  • Quantitative Research: An Overview
    • This short 4-minute video provides a basic overview of quantitative research along with considerations for each type of design (descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental, and experimental).
  • Introduction to Research, Quantitative/Qualitative & Sample Research Titles
    • This 20-minute video describes the quantitative research designs along with the data collection methods and quantitative research titles. It is within a larger discussion about research methods in general.