Selecting the Conference / Venue

How do I select the right opportunity to share and disseminate findings?

Key Points

  • Selecting the right research conference allows you to enhance the impact of your research, network, and even receive recognition for your work.
  • There are several factors to consider when selecting a conference, including your specialty, the location, accessibility and transportation, and venue amenities like Internet, audio-visual system, and flexible accommodations.

Helpful Links, Videos and Online Courses


  • Identifying Quality Conferences Tip Sheet 
    • This resource provides tips for selecting a conference based on the specific professional society or association, the timeline from abstract submission to a conference presentation, and awards offered.
    • It also provides information for identifying and avoiding predatory conferences. 
  • Choosing a Conference
    • This blog post offers personal insights into considerations for conference selection, including the purpose of the conference, weighing the cost of attendance, and the financial or professional incentives available.


  • Strategies to Identify the Best Conference for You
    • A 6-minute video that discusses strategies to select a conference strategically, considering your research focus, the potential for career advancement, and professional networking opportunities.
  • How to Choose the Best Conference
    • A 20-minute video that details how to use digital libraries like the IET Digital Library and IEEE Xplore to search and select upcoming conferences according to your specialty.
  • Registry Verified Conferences
    • This 21-minute video is geared toward conference organizers and describes the process for becoming registry-certified, an accreditation process that can benefit conference organizers.
    • The video describes the benefits and important logistical details to work out prior to the conference.